so you're coming to record club...

two songs*. you'll be playing two songs for everyone. any two songs. the same song twice. spoken word. test tones. whatever. * - the combined length of your selections should be ten minutes or less. So...two four minute songs OR a three minute song + a five minute song OR an eight minute song + a two minute song. If you have a ten minute song and want to just play that, that's ok too.

your selections must be on cd's (or one cd-r) that play on a normal cd player. itunes can do this. If you have questions, please contact dan ( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, no data discs, usb drives, etc. There are good reasons...

keep your selections secret. as one of the ideas of record club is that it's a chance to listen to things fresh, wait to divulge the title and artist until after your selection has been played.

you will receive, at no cost to you - our guest - a download of all the selections that were played during the record club you attended.

you will be fed. if you would like to bring a beverage or desert, that's great. if you bring tate's chocolate chip cookies, you will be very popular.

our usual start time is 6:30, although that's not true 100% of the time. we finish between 10 and 10:30.