March, 2010 - a theme night...records from 1977
speed of life david bowie low julia 114.00 01
groovy dub upsetters, the arkology chris c. 114.00 02
pinball number count pointer sisters, the songs from the street: 35 years of music nina 114.00 03
doctor's wind nrbq ridin' in my car peter w. 114.00 04
born to bad runaways, the queens of the night nayland 114.00 05
clappers sheshet sheshet dan 114.00 06
keep right on playing through the mirror over the water air air time brian 114.00 07
placebo syndrome parliament funkentelechy vs. the placebo syndrome nayland 114.00 08
rimp romp ramp this heat made available: the john peel sessions chris c. 114.00 09
the book I read talking heads talking heads '77 julia 114.00 10
a real mother for ya johnny "guitar" watson a real mother for ya peter w. 114.00 11
less than zero (dallas version) elvis costello live at winterland nina 114.00 12
king's lead hat brian eno before and after science brian 114.00 13
one way to leave your lover steve martin let's get small dan 114.00 14