Record Club – October, 2013!

Song Artist Album DJ

Turn On Your Radio Harry Nilsson Son Of Schmilsson Chris C.
David Lynch - Twin Peaks Angelo Balementi
Cathleen O.
How Wild The Wind Blows Molly Drake Molly Drake Nina
The Magic Cloud Mr. and Mrs. Muffins The Adventures of Ms. Rabbit and Mr. Carrot Dan
That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be Carly Simon The Best Of Carly Simon Nayland
Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? Arctic Monkeys AM Julia
Sinking Ship Balthazar Rats Julia
The Great Moldy Triumph (excerpt) Jack Smith Les Evening Gowns Damées: 56 Ludlow st. 1962 -1964 Vol. 1 Nayland
Bararens Blod Den Stora Vilan
My Pillow Pet Brennan Owens
Cathleen O.
Kubatana Mbira Singles
Chris C.
La Chanson de Douche Alexander von Mehren Aéropop Dan